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Russia:  I'll agree with Russell that if Callum is involved the Russia topic would be well-crafted and extensive resolution (Yes, Uncle Joe would be proud)...I'd like to hear more about the specific harms areas and possible approaches to a resolution (is this a relations topic? a military/arms topic? Concessions mandated by either side? Will Nyquist be consulted? etc.).  If someone who happens to know alot about Russia could describe some of the issues in categories like "environment" etc. that would be great. Callum described the importance of Russia as an international actor and its influence on American society.  Why then has Russia been relegated to just a scenario or a small subset of a resolution?  While this is not my first choice, Russia would be a great topic that people should seriously consider.

Latin America:  Boring Russell?  Well, "You're a towel!"  I can understand why some might share this perspective. The lack of attention in the public eye has put LA on the back burner...it's not even relegated to a scenario in debate most of the time. However, there are several rebel groups working to destabilize governments, narcoterrorism, funky new diseases from defo, and China...that's China Russell...how about cannabalism?  Surely these can spark some interest. Jesus dude, Brazil could prolif...OK, so maybe that is not a big risk...there are plenty of issues and huge impacts to be discussed...While the 1990-1991 HS topic had red spread (I'll post the very first debate card I ever cut soon--kinda miss the Soviets...), this topic has China as a major player in the region.

As far as the Mexico topic is concerned, this Latin America topic should not devolve into a subtopic no one really wanted--especially when it started as a Latin America topic (that's the AREA most voted for)...Also, the war impacts weren't so available...the real problem was that it was bidirectional!  I'm curious as to why people think it was boring...?...poverty, the economy/trade, the environment, oppression, etc.


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