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Josen Kalra josenk
Sun Apr 6 18:18:25 CDT 2008

I am doing some preliminary work on an economy topic.  I'm sending this
email out to test the waters and see what kind of interest there might be.

We've never had a topic on the economy. We've debated legal domestic,
domestic public policy topics like prisons, international political topics
but nothing that deals with economics, economic theory, or the potential
kritiks associated with capitalism and various modes of political economy.
Personally I loved debating the economy and having a debate about economic
theory, economic growth good/bad, different kinds of economic growth... all
this would be fun and interesting to me.

Some of the wording I've been looking at is as follows:

1. The United States federal government should adopt a new economic policy
to substantially increase domestic economic growth.

2. The United States federal government should adopt a new economic policy
to substantially increase economic growth.

The difference between these two wording is the word 'domestic'. Without
this word we would have affirmatives helping the economies of any country in
the world. So it seems that the word 'domestic' helps narrow the topic in a
good way even though I feel that a foreign economic topic might be more fun.
There just wouldn't be enough generic negative ground without the word
'domestic' it seems...

Some other considerations:

1. The US government should adopt a new foreign economic policy to protect
one or more of the following: human rights, the domestic economy, and/or our
energy security.

I like this wording. There's a lot of literature on foreign economic policy.
Such as trade barriers, free trade, government spending, economic sanctions,
foreign aid.

Again, this is a very preliminary idea. The more discussion we have the more
I will get leads to work.

Thanks for any input.

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