[eDebate] unh hunh Reply to Korcock

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Apr 7 08:06:21 CDT 2008

Your "Space" example is actually proof of Gordon's point for people to do some
homework before they propose a topic area. I personally would vote for a space
topic over any other. But, just writing a resolution, with no analysis, shows
how weak your alternative is. For example, your "Resolved: That the United
States federal government should substantially increase the development of
outer space."  Is fundamentally flawed. Because the Earth is in outer space,
people could run plans that are directed toward Earth. That is one reason why
the old space topic, back in the day, was rephrased to have the term "beyond
the Earth's mesosphere."  What the hell does "development of outer space" mean?
Are there solvency advocates for "development of outer space?" Or, are there
solvency advocates for "exploration and/or colonization beyond the Earth."
These sound like trivial questions until you are two months into the topic,
only to find out that the topic really does not have any solvency advocates and
people are having to stretch the limits of logic (or just getting rid of it
altogether) in order to produce winnable cases.


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