[eDebate] the sidelines of the topic writing process....

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Mon Apr 7 09:44:41 CDT 2008

For more transparency, we turn to??.

You got it? More bureaucracy!

I attended the topic committee two years ago and have never been so disrespected by this community.  I was immediately tagged an antagonists, and definitely ignored through most of the process.

For those of you who do not attend, don?t think that not being on the sidelines really makes a difference.  I wrote emails to edebate and I showed up in person, the results was another topic that was ideologically irresponsible and not respectful of the ideological differences in the debate community.   Actually, I think the correct assessment was that I was told to write a topic paper with wordings in it if I cared so much.

?but our task is to manage a process that can
help govern at least the vast majority of the thousands of debates that take
place each year.?  (gordon stables, 08)

The result is to use bureaucracy to help manage the topic and have debates in the method and fashion about the content and substance those people who are on the committee prefer.

For us simple people who want a simple topic, we don?t have a voice on the committee, tried, but the free and fair election process was successful in denying that voice.  I still don?t understand why CEDA hosts the NDT Topic Committee meeting?

I don?t see that things have changed, but rather I am starting to believe that things have gotten worse.

Look at the NDT booklet that lists the resolutions.  It?s still debate, but if you look at the lengths of the wordings, you would think the information revolution was leading us the other way.  This means something.

One of the core issues I think that needs to be discussed to bridge such ideological agreements is switch side debate.  So if your getting all huffy puffy about my degrading remarks on the topic writing process, I challenge you to get involved on the discussion about what is ?switch side debate? and what obligations the topic writing process has to this ideology.

I think many of the core disagreements may arise from such diverse understandings on the importance and meanings of switch side debate.

If you want to go on a rampage about this post now, you should save your energy for the switch-side debate discussion.



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