[eDebate] What is "Switch-Side Debate"?

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Mon Apr 7 10:09:37 CDT 2008


This email is not really the controversial type, but rather more of a test to see what other people think.

What is switch side debate?

Does it mean that whatever one team says, you have to flop sides and debate it?  IE, one team has to be on side of the topic to have a debate.  Then the other team will defend what they say.

or is this too simplistic?

Does switch side debate, or the meanings of the term mean that the affirmative is obligated or the negative?

Does it mean the simple, you either speak first or second, if you speak second you must negate whatever the other side has said?

Is the term "switch side" relevant to our process?

Example, the justifications many have for defending switch side debat is so you can learn the other side.

My quesiton must be, does the research we do for competition achieve all of the benefits of this argument irrelevant if your affirmative or negative?

The next question would be what are the results of switch side debate?  Do students leave debate more morally neutral or self-empowered?

What are the detrmiments of verablizing things you disagree with?  This is definately something that needs to be considered if we are going to randomly insert the assumed "norm" goodness of switch side debate!

Could we have debate without this false signifier?  Of course, we could have a resolution, the aff speaks, and the negative disagrees.

My point is that we dont need to construct a resolution that attempts to ideologically establish what is specific affirmative ground, what is specific negative ground, and what the switch of sides is supposed to look like.

Are we moving towards a process of switchside resolutions, while losing some things that are very important along the way?

I think we can have debate with all the benefits of the "switch side" argument, with a switch side resolution.

I have engaged in some interesting research in the archives of switch side debate, and I find it interesting into how the interpretations of switch side has evolved.



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