[eDebate] Indictment of Swampy...

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Mon Apr 7 11:24:26 CDT 2008

You said this and your wrong:

"For three years I have asked for you to state just one, just ONE resolution,
that would meet your concerns. I have yet to see you articulate an alternative
to the dysfunctional resolutions you and I complain about. This is like
listening to a kritik with no alternative. How can I evalaute or compare your
vision of the world versus the current world we are stuck in unless I see an
example of what the hell you are talking about? You have "openned up the
critical space for possible alternatives," in kritik-speak. Now all I see is a
black hole that has resulted from opeening the door. Why is it so hard to give
the world an example of a resolution? "

I win:

Chek out this post


and guess, what is almost to the date three years ago



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