[eDebate] JT & Latin America

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Mon Apr 7 13:01:58 CDT 2008

Russia 08-09.

The LA topic will be boring and stink because what we actually debate about
(solvency) is much more limited than what people have been talking about
(harms). Much like the China topic, which has been discussed recently ad
nauseam, the topics ended up looking different than what people expected
when they'd discussed harms in the spring. When the topic turned out to be
pressure-based, the number of available harms and avenues for possible
solutions shrunk. All Im saying is the topic will largely be about the
mechanism, not the problem area and the rationale for interest, as a result,
should be focused on that. We arent taking a trip to Brazil here; we're
writing topics. The economic cooperation area being discussed sounds like a
snooze-a-minute. Another trade/aid topic. Can't we get something better than
Russia 08-09.

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