[eDebate] A Message to the Debate Community

Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Mon Apr 7 15:25:42 CDT 2008

As a sidebar from the obviously important topic discussion...

I have a question for the debate community...
What have black people done to deserve the treatment we get in this

All of you can run ANYTHING you want and people stay silent (i.e.
Imperialism good, the "gangsta mentality") . At almost every tournament, the
majority of the top debaters who win are white men. AND you
are regarded within the highest levels of success in policy debate,
politics, economics and class.

But why is it when two black men win a tournament like CEDA, arguing for
things we care about, there's a public outcry to how "wrong" it is?

I know this hasn't been a subject of too much controversy on eDebate, but it
has been on a lot of news sites and blogs, and I'm totally sick to my
stomach with all the disgusting and deplorable comments made in
Towson's direction.

Have we done you wrong or something?

Have we been "too black" lately?

We're not assimilating fast enough for ya?

All the work we do to liberate ourselves psychologically from this white
world, of white supremacy according to your white standards, and YOUR the
one's who are mad when WE get sick and tired of adhering to them.

The part that makes it even worse is that the majority of you won't even
recognize how fucked up it is, and I'm pissed off about it.

I've been quiet the past few week, but now I'm done being quiet...

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