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Josh Branson harobran
Mon Apr 7 23:36:56 CDT 2008

Just to respond to one part of SE's argument, let's just put it this way:  the NDT is the real national championship.  CEDA isn't even close and no one has even one credible argument to the contrary.  In honor of the ongoing NCAA championship right now, the NDT is the Final Four and CEDA is the NIT....for people that don't have to worry about qualifying.
Let's review:You have to qualify for the NDT.  You don't have to qualify for CEDA.   Let's try that again:  qualifications required for one tournament; none for the other.   I don't even know how to put this more plainly:  feel like showing up?  Come to CEDA.  Feel like coming to the NDT?  Try being good, since this isn't an Attendance Certificate at a 3rd grade middle school or your junior high soccer team's participant trophy. It's not just that this argument is unbeatable.  There are many arguments that are unbeatable.  But the largest issue is this:  the argument is an intelligence test.  If you disagree with it, just do me a favor: take a peak down at your shoes.  Are they velcro?  I'm betting they are. Sincerely, Andy RyanNDT Champ 2001CEDA Attendee: Never, too busy washing my hair
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