[eDebate] Small correction on the District 3 process

Burk, Christopher R crb012000
Tue Apr 8 00:52:39 CDT 2008

Scott Elliott wrote: "Even the criteria for determing who can enter into districts creates biases. I had a JV team that could have possible chance (I'd say a 1 in 100 shot) of qualifying via districts. They could not even attend because there are rules stating that you have to have complete 18 rounds of varsity just to get into the district tournament."

There is no round requirement. A junior varsity team can definitely compete at the district 3 tournament. The students need not have even competed in a single round in any division at any regular season tournament. The school must only pay its annual dues and submit the proof of eligibility and then register the team. The D3 tournament is tough but your teams & judges are welcome.  I remember the young Oklahoma team of Cleary & Wilkins qualifying for the NDT in 2004 after starting the season in the JV division at the Wichita State tournament. 

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