[eDebate] Call for Papers on Short Moving Images

Nicole Richter n.richter
Tue Apr 8 12:19:16 CDT 2008

I have started a new online, peer reviewed journal on the study of short moving images. I am looking for contributors who share a background in debate and an academic interest in film and moving images, especially those that have coached or used video in debate. If you have paper ideas/contributions about the use of short video as argument or any of the topics listed below please contact me. See call for papers below. 


The University of Miami is currently accepting submissions for its new online journal devoted to the study of short moving images. The journal has been created to construct a scholarly response to recent media developments in viral videos and forms of ?remote controlled viewing.? 

We seek submissions on the following topics: 

Short films 
Music Videos 
Video Art 
You-tube/Online Videos 
T.V. episodes 
Readings of a single scene from a longer film. 

We are inspired by articles written about pieces that are less than thirty minutes in length and that are no longer than 12 pages. We want the article form to reflect the shortened media form. Make your point quickly and clearly. The deadline for the next issue is May 1st, 2008. We accept submissions for other issues on a rolling basis. Please submit questions and articles to Nicole Richter at: inshortjournal at gmail.com. 

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