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Ede Warner ewarner
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The question goes the other way:  what have you personally done that
helps create Adam's feelings of frustration and alienation in the
community?  I'm sorry that wasn't clear.  You are giving me reasons that
the things you do don't affect his frustration and alienation.  And the
finger wasn't pointed at you, it was pointed at EVERYONE, to critically
examine how they, including me and other blacks, support the institution
that creates his feelings.  Finally, you ignore the other question about
your method of assessing experiences.  The question isn't what have
people done, because what they have done still allows Adam to end up
frustrated and alienated, the more appriopriate question is for EACH
individual to reflect on what they have done or may not have done that
helps create his feelings of alienation and frustration.  If your answer
is that I've done nothing to create his alienation and frustration, then
there isn't much left to talk about, is there?

From: "Scott Elliott" <sme2607 at louisiana.edu>
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Date: 4/8/2008 02:22 PM
Subject: Answer ro you question Ede

You can repost to edebate if you want. 
You ask, ?What have you personally done to create and support how Adam
feels about the treatment blacks get in this activity??
I answer: 1) I watched Towson debate in elims at Towson, went over to
Andy Ellis et al and told them how overwhelmingly impressed I was with
their arguments.  Was so impressed, I decided to watch them twice in a
row. I gave them two or three hours of my time and attention. What else
can I do other than give you a cookie?
2) I judged your teams three times this year. Dropped them twice and
picked them up once. Each time I gave an in depth critique and advice on
how to make their arguments stronger. Mind you, my advice was NOT ?go
get another strategy?? The advice was specifically tailored to their
argument choices. They took a lot of notes and seemed to be genuinely
appreciative of my advice. Maybe they were just being nice. 
3) I spent a long time talking to your students about how privileged
YOU and your teams are compared to the students I deal with in
Louisiana. All the focus on UDL?s and the oppression of urban youth
glosses over the fact that the most poverty stricken minority students
in America are in the rural areas. What we need is an RDL.
4) I also told them that I vehemently disagree with the overall
attempts to reform the system?even as I voted for them within a round.
It is a classic reformist versus radical stand-off on how to solve the
problem. By the way, I agree that there is little or no difference
between NDT and CEDA. That is why I think CEDA should just go away. It
has lost its purpose. I think abolishing it would open up critical
spaces to allow for the creation of new debate leagues that are evidence
and research focused, while meeting the needs of others.
5) I am doing the only summer camp in Louisiana for high school
debaters, with emphasis on rural students.
6) Every time I engage African American students on these issues, I am
brutally honest in my Marxist views about debate. At least I engage and
the feedback I have gotten has always been positive from the students.
While I agree there is racism, I think that the focus on race only
blinds the students to the other forms of oppression?and I share my
point of view on that issue. What more do you want?
So, Ede, I am always at a loss as to why you point the finger at me and
ask, ?what have you done?.? 
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