[eDebate] Answering Adam's Question / Dr. Warner and THIS COMMUNITY

Deven bmoreboi325
Tue Apr 8 17:15:20 CDT 2008

  For me Dr. Warner
I felt that it was always about the purpose but at the same time that purpose doesn?t get coverage if you are losing
.it is not until you are a force to be dealt with that any one cares
.I also felt that it was a sign of weakness for me when those strategies changed because it was an abandonment of the fundamental purpose and to make the community uncomfortable. This community is definitely a locus of whiteness and hiding the privileges that they have when people call them out on them. It is no different from when black feminists and other feminists of color called white feminists out for their exclusionary and racist acts. It is also no different from in class rooms we sit in and (especially at Louisville) that whites say some off the wall stuff and blacks or others of color have to correct them or show them the world is not white washed. I don?t see this win as a validation but more of success for the arguments that us ?identity? teams make. It is
 mainly the only way for us to get air time analogous to hip hop being the black CNN. Of course backlash will happen but I have tried to take advice from you, Liz, Burch and others who say put that anger on paper and arguments. I feel that Louisville?s squad could have made more innovative arguments given the style we had but made around the topic
and it would have been a power house this year and last year if certain people were still there and students had some input into what the argument would be centered around. 
  I give a lot of credit to Shelton K. Hill for his study on black participation because those issues still exist and need to be brought up
it s funny how this community can make these petty rules or pieces of legislation for minuscule things, but don?t fully want to grapple with participation issues and exclusion, instead coach their students to celebrate exclusion and staying a insular community. As long as I?m here I won?t ignore it or make excuses for it because as Ketels says those of us who are masters at linguistic skepticism have the intellectual responsibility to speak up in the eyes of injustice and this community is engaging in a huge injustice that many choose to ignore because of their privilege or assimilation and I wont be that student anymore. I saw the way people responded to us at Louisville...we just needed to get better at answering it so that the entire collective could be winning, but lets admit there were some lazy people on the team who could really
 credit their losing to a lack of preparation and dedication. So yea I thought it was quite F?ed up to change everything because the community was mad
.King didn?t change up everything in fact in that letter from a Birmingham jail he criticized those who were suppose to have been his brethren and men of holiness. This community is no different it needs a WAKE UP CALL with generations of debaters calling out what they see as exclusion and racism no matter the conformability of those who are being told of the problems. 
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