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National College Policy Debate Workshops
Choose from 1 or 2 Week Sessions
One Week Session: July 24 ? Aug 1, 2008
Two Week Session: July 24 ? Aug 7, 2008
First day is arrival day: check-in between 5 - 7 pm
Last day is departure day: leave between 9 - 11 am

Now there are two different ways to attend the National College Policy 
Debate Workshop.
WDI One Week Session ? Arrive on Thursday, July 24 and spend an intense 
week working on debate skills, research, elective classes, practice 
debate and theory in small sessions with faculty members.
WDI Full Session (Two Weeks) ? Experience the above program and then in 
the last week focus on a special research project and skill sessions 
using daily practice debates. The full package will prepare you to 
succeed in the upcoming year.

The National College Policy programs provide excellent preparation for 
debating the 2008-2009 CEDA/NDT national topic. Skill and theory 
training for students at all levels of experience. Legendary evidence 
set and small group sessions. WDI students go on to success at novice, 
junior varsity and varsity levels.
Take home a CD with a complete evidence set and videos of many lectures, 
including topic lectures!

What is the World Debate Institute?
For over fifty years, the University of Vermont has been a center for 
national debate education through its summer programs. In 1983, this 
tradition was strengthened by the creation of the National Debate 
Institute, a national summer program for competitive debaters.
Since 1983 the program has grown and matured into one where the faculty 
consists of highly published debate theoreticians and strategists, along 
with national champion debaters and coaches. In 1997 the name was 
changed from "National Debate Institute" to "World Debate Institute" to 
reflect the increasingly international nature of attendees and the 
debate community.

Program Fees-more but worth it!
COVERS WHAT OTHER INSTITUTES DO NOT! Fee includes housing, materials, 
instruction, computer use, *_copying_*, tshirt and more! Due to popular 
demand, cost of meals is not included; participants may purchase meals 
at select campus locations.

One Week Session
Individual Participant: $1,191
Group Discount: $1,113 (2 or more students
registering together)

WDI Full Two Week Session
Individual Participant $1,600
Group Discount: $1,487 (2 or more students
registering together)

Academic Credit Option
You may enroll for academic credit; call 800-639-3210 or visit the 
website for more information.


Jackie Massey, University of Oklahoma
Has qualified teams to elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals and the NDT 
at every school he has coached at. Has brought Oklahoma from a brand new 
program to one of the most competitive in just four years. CEDA National 
Champion in 2007. Specialties include breaking down resolutions to 
reveal underlying grounds for argument, creation of new frameworks for 
debate decision-making, getting conservative judges to vote for radical 
strategies, making debate relevant to a multicultural world and gaining 
advantages over top teams through innovation.

Sarah Green, Kansas State University Reached the elimination rounds at 
CEDA Nationals and the NDT as a debater for Vermont. Coached the 
University of Rochester the year they won the national championship in 
the NDT Sweepstakes. Directed the District of Columbia Urban Debate 
League during its formation and led it to strength and security. Now a 
coach at Kansas State University.

Justin Green, Kansas State University
One of America's top debate coaches with an expert focus on strategic 
clash and adaptation. Reached quarterfinals at the NDT, his squad is 
always in the hunt for CEDA national sweepstakes championships. Won the 
2008 JV Coach of the Year Award. Expertise in counterplan strategy to 
strip affirmatives of their major arguments.

Scott Herndon, University of Texas at Dallas
One of America's top debate coaches. Qualified two teams for the NDT in 
2008. Special talent in constructing strong policy-based arguments and 
decision frameworks.

David Register, University of Vermont
Qualified for the NDT three times as a debater. Coached at North Texas 
and Vermont. Won UNLV judging award in 2007. Special expertise in 
opening up new forms of critiques from new literature bases. Coached 
Northeast USA Debate Program of the Year in 2007. Is able to explain 
very complex arguments in a way that is easy to understand.

Ruth Zisman, Bard College
Won novice nationals in her first year as a debater while starting the 
Bard program. Bard has now qualified twice for the NDT and has reached 
the elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals. Pursuing a philosophy 
doctorate at NYU with a focus on German philosophers. Specializes in 
argumentation involving the work of Heidegger and Nietzsche.

Alfred Snider, University of Vermont
Reached the semifinal round at the NDT as a debater, coached two teams 
to semifinals at nationals, four teams in the quarterfinals. He has 
coached at Seton Hall, Boston College, Kansas, Wayne State, and for the 
last 26 years, Vermont. Dr. Snider has received every major award given 
to debate educators in the USA, including the Pelham Coach of the Year 
award, the Don Brownlee Service to Debate award, the Ziegelmueller 
Debate Achievement award, the Slappey Diversity in Debate award, the 
Douglas Dedication to Debate award and the Jacobsohn Service to Debate 
award. His work in promoting debate has also brought him awards from 
Emory University, the University of Utah, Cornell University, Binghamton 
University, the University of South Carolina as well as from the 
National Forensic League and the Cross Examination Debate Association.

For More Information
Call: (800) 639-3210 or (802) 656-2085
Web: debate.uvm.edu/wdi/

Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
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