[eDebate] Education Topic-it has legs

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Apr 9 11:33:06 CDT 2008

Students in my argumentation class chose education reform this semester as the
topic for class debates.

Their research indicates the following harm areas from the No Child Left Behind

Standard for 100% passage is unrealistic;
Teaching to the test;
Educational Fraud;
Driving goood teachers out of public schools;
Militarism (there is a mandatory disclosure of student draft information);
harms to ethic minorites,
immigrant discrimination;

These are things that students in an argumentation class, with no previous
debate experience, found. I am sure there are other things.

This topic, of course, is a walking link to the politics debates--but everything
else will be too.
The question is whether the affirmative's offense within this topic can offset
the politics scenarios. My fear is that after the 1AC, or even prior to its
completion, very real substative debate will occur regarding needed education


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