[eDebate] Eastern JV/Novice Nats--a proposal

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Wed Apr 9 12:38:50 CDT 2008

My apologies for a brief interruption to the current discussion, though at 
least it has to do with Towson ("University of Champions"!!).

As many will recall, Towson hosted the largest JV/Novice Nationals 
(hereafter referred to as "Eastern JV/Novice Nats") for well over a decade, 
ending in 2004.  In 2005, Georgetown hosted.  After Georgetown gave it up, 
WVU hosted in 2006 and 2007.  With Towson again wishing to host and with my 
health an issue, we agreed that Towson would host in 2008.

I was unable to attend, but I've read and been told that Towson hosted a 
very successful tournament this year.  I think it is particularly noteworthy 
that Towson (led in this endeavor by Beth Skinner) responded to criticism of 
its 2004 efforts, not with rancor but with solutions.  They acted in the 
best traditions of our activity and should be commended.

So, where to for next year and beyond?  Last year and the year before, good 
arguments were made for whether WVU or Towson should host.  I would suggest, 
given that WVU hosted two years in a row, given the fine hosting job done by 
Towson, given my own continued inability to make long-term commitments on a 
personal level, and given that Towson wishes to host again in 2009 (I've 
heard that from two of their coaches), that 2009 Eastern JV/Novice Nationals 
be held at Towson.

As for beyond that time, I believe that next spring is the time to explore 
that question.  An argument can be made for returning Towson to permanent 
host status, an argument can be made for an annual rotation involving 
Towson, WVU, and perhaps another school (bearing in mind that travel for 
those from the Midwest is also an issue), but I think we should postpone 
that for a year.  On a personal level, questions about my health are more 
likely to have been resolved one way or another by that time.

I hope this is a satisfactory solution for all, but I also hope that people 
will weigh in with their honest thoughts.  As I've indicated before (and now 
with just the slightest of apologies to Mr. Ryan), I believe this is the 
most important tournament of the year, and I want to do right by all those 
who will compete in it in future years (and I know that our colleagues at 
Towson want to do right by them as well).

--Neil Berch
West Virginia University

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