[eDebate] Come join us at the 2008 Arizona Debate Institute

Adam Symonds asymonds
Wed Apr 9 18:41:50 CDT 2008

Hi Folks,

Please consider attending or sending your students to the 31st annual
ADI in beautiful Tempe, Arizona.

The ADI has earned the distinction of being the longest running, most
cost efficient collegiate workshop in the nation, boasts top ranked
speakers at all national tournaments, and is the only workshop with
the luxury of being fully contained in a newly renovated hotel.  We
are fortunate to have access to the ASU library, the 17th largest in
the country. The cooperative philosophy of the ADI guarantees that all
participants have access to the volumes of evidence produced at all
levels of the workshop.  Once again this year, all profits from this
year's ADI will be used to support the Southern California Urban
Debate League.

We are pleased to bring back many of the faculty who have made the ADI
great and to welcome some new faces who bring years of experience and
expertise to our staff:

Jon Bruschke.  Coached first-round teams at two different universities
and has qualified teams for the NDT in all 12 years of his coaching
career while judging the final round of the NDT twice.  His teams have
advanced to the octos or better at CEDA nationals each of the past 6

Glen Frappier.  Director of Debate at Gonzaga, who has coached
numerous first-round teams.  Former CEDA Nationals Champion.

Dave Hingstman.  Director of Forensics at the University of Iowa who
has coached an NDT champion and several first-round teams.

Sarah Holbrook. Coach at the State University of West Georgia. Former
two-time CEDA Nationals Champion.

Sue Peterson.  Director of Forensics, Chico State University.  Former
Director at Pepperdine and coach at CSU Fullerton. Former co-director
of the SCUDL.

Jason Russell. Coach at the University of Oklahoma. Coached the
Copeland runner-up and undefeated CEDA National Champion in 2006-07.

Gordon Stables. Director of Forensics at the University of Southern
California. Coached numerous first-round teams to the NDT at both USC
and the University of Georgia.

Adam Symonds. Coach at Arizona State University. Coached teams to the
semifinals of CEDA Nationals and the quarterfinals at the NDT in
previous coaching positions at CSU Fullerton and USC. Former CEDA
Nationals Champion.

In addition to these full-time staff members, the labs will be
supported by research assistants, comprised of upper-level debaters
who have distinguished themselves as outstanding competitors. Past
fellows have included Greta Stahl, Mike Greenstein, Michael Klinger,
Brenda Montes, Luis Magallon, Brett Bricker, and Andrew Jennings.

ADI's approach toward debaters at all levels of experience has
consistently yielded positive results.  ADI alumni have achieved
local, regional, and national success.  We hope you will consider
sending your students to the ADI in 2008.

For more information, please visit our website
http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/adi.htm or contact Sylvia
Symonds at ssymonds at q.com.

We offer an early bird discount for all registrations before June 1
and reduced group rates!

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