[eDebate] RW, race and sadness

d b lawyergirl2be
Wed Apr 9 20:28:22 CDT 2008

I have been off edebate for a long long time, but I was alerted to the
current conversations and it really saddens me to no end. The more things
change the more they stay the same.  These same types of discussions seem to
occur over and over through the years. This post in no way is meant to cover
even a small part of  what has been said, but I think the reaction to Rashad
"RW" only serves to validate a lot of what he says.  Rashad's  experiences
that he shared of what he felt like in debate have been met by disdain and
at some points blatant hatred which is totally uncalled for. Even though its
been years since I've posted I had to say something even if its really
brief. Why are those who express their frustration like Rashad did always
met with so much hatred and animosity?? The level of animosity even years
later is frightening.  For those of us who have gotten to actually know
Rashad over the years, we have found that he is one of the most caring,
selfless and enduring people on this earth.  I met Rashad my senior year in
college and for the past 9 years have been proud to call him one of my best
friends.   If  only people would listen and try to hear what other people
are saying and see the pain that they have gone though instead of always
over analyzing and criticizing. His experiences in debate and life for that
matter are very different than those in the majority face.  But instead,
people are always trying to tear people down unnecessarily in the debate
community.  A total lack of all empathy exists.   The hatred and animosity
that has been shown here on edebate but that is also exhibited generally in
the community especially toward people not in the majority is not only
frustrating it is sad and breaks my heart.  That's why many of us have taken
our "fight" outside the community.  I still may be idealistic but I still
have hope that one day we will be able to start healing the wounds that
exist in the community, but what I have seen today makes me even question
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