[eDebate] Branson & Towson

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Wed Apr 9 20:37:37 CDT 2008

Your post (and the thousands of words thereafter) have been focused on the
small issues rather than the big one, which was exactly my point. The big
one is that problems do exist in debate re: race and the guys from Towson
have pointed out several and the conversation has sucked to one thing that
was maybe ok. The bigger picture is intact. That's all I was saying. You're
smart, but your reading comprehension skills leave something to be desired
much like your basic counterplan competition couldve at the NDT a couple
years ago. Ten page that, sweetheart. Plan-plus plan-minus? Anyway, I think
we agree here and you must've misheard me. It's important that you listen to
Dayvon's recent post also, since you haven't seen their arg. Nothing they
say is personal. It's about the institution, not the debaters. Does some
damage to the rest of your args also. They simply argue that the
argumentative styles employed receive preferential treatment due to white
aesthetics, not that the individual debaters are overtly racist.
Anyway, always good to chat with you even if you do look a little like
Ichabod Crane with a worse haircut. The hole in Texas Stadium is to air out
the stench. And, the Mavericks have violated the recruiting rules on
werewolves for years due to No-hit-ski.

Hatecha later,

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