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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu Apr 10 00:40:26 CDT 2008

Ede Warner's response is anything but "Love."  Rather than consider if he unfairly or dishonestly characterized my attempt to answer a question posed by Mr. Love, Ede Warner just escalates the attacks.  In case it got lost in the mix, "God" as he refers to himself:
1) gives me the middle name "Hate"
2) writes that i am "incapable of love and compassion"
3) calls me an asshole
His actions tell us everything we need to know about The God Within Ede Warner.
Ede Warner creates a lousy screenplay of a hypothetical debate between Mr. Love and myself.  That debate exists only in Warner's malevolent depictions.  Warner is trying to script it HIS way rather than how it actually IS to manufacture discord.  Ede Warner needs to write his own screenplay rather than rely on the facts plainly visible to all because the reality is not the battle he needs.
The only thing I did was try and answer Mr. Love's question about what I am doing to challenge dominance and oppression.  That was my entry into a discussion with a young man who asked an honest and important question.  I answered him earnestly, forthrightly, and respectfully.  
True, I did claim that I am doing more than he is doing.  That was a knee-jerk over-reach reacting to what I took to be his implication that this community wasn't doing anything.
Warner mischaracterizes me as "attacking" and as in opposition to Mr. Love.  This latest is an even more desperate attempt, this time explicit fantasy, to depict me as in opposition to Mr. Love.  It is obviously Ede Warner trying to "get in the way" of an honest dialog.
Just one other thing...  The location of "God"
Warner is obsessed with trying to get God into his belly.  He writes "God, exists inside of me, not somewhere else" and "a God that exists inside me" and "I believe that God, exists inside me."  That's just great.  
6.7 billion humans to choose from and God decides to live in Ede Warner and "not somewhere else".  Such a bold claim gives rise to an equally brash burden of proof.  One would think that if God chose to exist inside Ede Warner and "not somewhere else" then it might extend its noodly appendage up into Ede Warner's brain and inject some special knowledge, not available to the 6.7 billion of us not lucky enough to be graced by God's tenancy.
Oh divine landlord, please rub your magical belly and inquire of your Holy Inhabitant how much change I have in my desk drawer?  We await your answer, oh Instigator of Racial Rancor.  You have, after all, assured us that you are able to "use my personal relationship with and as God."
Warner will, no doubt, protest that I do not understand that he does not use "God" the way that everyone else does.  By "God" he does not refer to the genocidal maniac of the Old Testament, no... he merely means that he is inspired by the story and philosophy of Jesus and that his thought is infused by the Divinity of Love...
The problem with such shenanigans is that people think of "God" much less abstractly.  A 2003 Opinion Dynamics poll, for example, found that 92% of Americans think God exists, 85% that Heaven is a real place, 82% believe in miracles, 78% that angels are real, 74% that Hell is an actual place, and a whopping 71% that the Devil is real.  A Barna Research poll from 2002 revealed that 54% of Americans believe in the reality of demonic possession.  Those are pretty clear indicators that real people don't hold some literary or abstract conception of The God Within.
And my point is that working the religion scam is domination and oppression.  No matter how the con artist dresses it up with pretty sermons.
Michael Korcok
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