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Warner will, no doubt, protest that I do not understand that he does not use "God" the way that everyone else does. By "God" he does not refer to the genocidal maniac of the Old Testament, no... he merely means that he is inspired by the story and philosophy of Jesus and that his thought is infused by the Divinity of Love... The problem with such shenanigans is that people think of "God" much less abstractly. A 2003 Opinion Dynamics poll, for example, found that 92% of Americans think God exists, 85% that Heaven is a real place, 82% believe in miracles, 78% that angels are real, 74% that Hell is an actual place, and a whopping 71% that the Devil is real. A Barna Research poll from 2002 revealed that 54% of Americans believe in the reality of demonic possession. Those are pretty clear indicators that real people don't hold some literary or abstract conception of The God Within. And my point is that working the religion scam is domination and oppression. No matter how the con artist dresses it up with pretty sermonsI believe in the God of the Old Testament and the New.  They are one and the same.  I hope that my actions are guided by the gift of discernment and the Holy Spirit.  I don't think that makes me ignorant or oppressive.  How peaceful are the idols you worship Mike?
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