[eDebate] Reconciling Science and Religion

Thu Apr 10 15:50:13 CDT 2008

Don Bryson writes:
"3) Yes, the literal interpretation of the age of the Earth dating from  Adam 
and Eve being thrown out of the Garden of Eden to present day is about  6,000 
years. Here's your problem: Adam and Eve lived on Earth before they were  
thrown out of Eden (read your Bible young Mike). How long were they in Eden  
before being cast out? That's right.you spoke before you thought. I'm sure Dr.  
Warner will forgive you. "
Look, I don't mean to insult anyone's faith, and far be it from me to sound  
like I'm supporting Korcok (though I guess he's right at least some of the  
time...), but you sound like you're stating an obvious bit of reasoning that  
everyone should be aware of. Really! Just what are you insinuating? That Adam  
and Eve were eternal before they were cast out of Eden? That they lived for  
billions of years before they cast out? Are you suggesting then, that Adam and  
Eve were living in Eden during (even maybe before) the period of time that  
dinosaurs roamed the earth? Are you doubting the science behind any dating of  
human skeletons that shows people dying earlier than 6000 years ago? How does  
your reading of biblical text explain the evidence of Neanderthals? Was the  
Earth really created in six 24-hour days?
I hope Dr. Warner will forgive me asking such mundane questions, but I  don't 
understand the obvious answer. By the way, I have extensively studied the  
Bible. Take the time to explain these obvious concerns, please. Remember, less  
than a generation ago, many Baptists in the Southeast were using the myth of  
Cain's descendents being marked to justify and support racism. I remember  
hearing it being preached from the pulpit as a child.
I don't reject religion or God. I reject the twisted logic used to  reconcile 
ancient historical poetry with obvious science. If faith requires  
abandonment of reasoning, then religion really has some PR problems.

Louisville, KY

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