[eDebate] A Forum Suggestion

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Thu Apr 10 19:58:24 CDT 2008

I don't have any Grand Insight on these various

(I sometimes think that this particular community
suffers from an excess of Grand Insight, but
prosecuting that point would get needlessly

However, I do have a suggestion that might reduce
frustration while spurring more discussion.

If some people really enjoy a particular long and
heated discussion, but many people despise that
discussion, why don't you collectively use a
bulletin-board system?

This seems to work 'well' on cross-x.com.  Of course,
the discussions aren't always revelatory, but that
comes with the territory.  You can read topics you
find relevant, such as "results" and "the tournament

Imagine the other neat fora you might enjoy:

- The Fourth Ballot in my 2002 Octafinal Round Demands
Immediate Attention From a War Crimes Tribunal

- Nuh Uh

- Edebate Allstars and What They Had For Breakfast

- I Would Enjoy Fisticuffs With Andrew Baxter Ryan

- I Insist That You Expunge Embarrassing Invective
>From 1997 Or I Will Post More Embarrassing Invective
In 2008 That I Will Expect You to Expunge in 2010

- Michael Korcok Is My Spirit Guide

I don't mean for these hypothetical forum lists to
trivialize any of the quite real issues in play.  I
just think that it might be useful to have a better
segmented set of discussion topics, given widely
variant degrees of audience interest.

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