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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sun Apr 13 10:37:31 CDT 2008

"My recent exchange with Josh is the first time that I pissed first, with the past matches all being times when I only pissed in response to aggressive posts."
This is false.  Almost everyone sees it as obviously false.  
Besides regularly derogating individual persons without provocation, you insult groups of individuals and the entire community in almost every post.
Josh expressed 2 things:  
1) hurt because someone he treated with respect called him vile names for no reason at all.  
Whatever your malfunction of the moment, a fulsome apology and begging for forgiveness was the right human response.  Instead you rationalized with some crap about how it was all strategic and tactical blah blah blah and how it was his fault because he blah blah blah and how you were SERVING NOTICE blah blah blah.  This latest was just more blah blah blah.
2) concern for you
Josh has always been a bleeding-heart focus-on-their-good-side person.  I always thought Josh would make a good person to scam with the "my-son-has-ovarian-cancer-won't-you-give-us-all-your-money?" deal.  When he only pleaded/demanded/asked for an apology I rolled my eyes:  because the vicious came from your heart and the apology would only come from your fingers.
He also went past taking the abuse into extending concern.  Ede, I don't care about you, but he does.
Michael Korcok
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