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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Apr 13 14:27:54 CDT 2008

"We can't hold our forefathers to the standards of today"
"I don't have a racist bone in my body"
"People of color are divisive when they talk about the past"
"Meritocracy should provide equal access for people of color now that public
accommodations are made for them"
"I don't really see race, people are people"
"I am an ally, i accommodate people of color, in almost every encounter"
"I tell people when they are being explicitly racist, but sometimes people
are just gonna do what they do"
"I have friends, colleagues, family members, students teachers etc of  a
different race"
"Well you see my whiteness is complicated"
"i'm not white, im human"
"Sure racism existed in the past, but democracy per se is not racist"
"My family was poor, we didnt own slaves"

What do you think when you hear these statements? What do you do when you
hear them? Many  Anti-racist advocates and scholars have indetified the
above as concepts they call "key myths of maintaining modern day white
supremacy", before you strive to disprove the truth of that claim i think it
could be particularly useful to think about what you do when encountering
that discourse...then once that process has begun its seems the only
interpratation is that you will dispute that those claims uphold any
thing....but so it is.
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