[eDebate] Winning isn't everything

Josh jbhdb8
Sun Apr 13 15:23:28 CDT 2008

Things I will (and have) conceded:

1. Increasing meaningful minority participation is more important than ANY
edebate pissing contest between two grown men about god only knows what.  If
Doctor Warners' writing is a path to more meaningful minority participation
PLEASE read it.

2. I have said, from the beginning of this debate - I believe the year
that Northwestern Goof and Tristan won the NDT - that I thiink FINANCES
precede the other explanations of decline in the activity.  For some reason
this drives Doctor Warner over the edge.  I have never, in this crazy
discussion said, "you should not focus on other possible explanations too."
I did suggest one is larger than the other...I ALWAYS HAVE   If I am wrong,
ok, cool...no problem, I present an argument defeat it....we are debate
coaches for god's sake.  I have never said form and method dont matter...I
said, and have always said, I believe funding is a larger cause. Yell,
scream, insult, threaten, kick, punch, call it unethical, disco
dance....whatever you want....Until someone proves that method is more
important than economics (and yes, I realize these are interrelated so dont
start giving me crap about that too) you are not going to budge me off that

3. I conceded my evidence was "correlative and not causal" but so has been
every piece of evidence ever suggested for the method side.  Again, I dont
think method is innocent.  I also support experiments with topic formation
(started supporting this when I responded to Doctor Warners call for a race
topic...Last summer in particular I started saying it might be time to try a
broader topic etc).

I would love to see the proof from Doctor Warner that I did ONE thing he
accused me of....I didnt try to marginalize him (I explicitly said read his
stuff), I didnt try to say method didnt matter or should be ignored (to the
contrary I said the opposite), and I did not post parts of his work and not
highlight the important part (we agree about the unhighlighted part he NOW
disagrees with his conclusion THEN that exploring new ways to fund debate is
important (and has not explained his change of mind).

Now, after all this silly obfuscation and using every dirty trick in the
book to smear me.....will you admit you did anything wrong?  Or next will we
hear that I wore a turban once on a visit to Kenya?

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