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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Apr 14 10:03:37 CDT 2008

July 20-August 2nd

In an attempt to shift from questions of theory to get back to work at
building a movement of equal access to debate, we offer the Baltimore
College Debate Cooperative. Built off of the cooperative model established
by the University of Wyoming this will be a two week intense  debate camp on
the college topic held at towson university. We will offer resident,
commuter, and online versions of the cooperative.

For residents the cost is $500
For commuters $250
Online $150

This week we will be rolling out much of the web presence of the cooperative
and announcing some key staff announcements.

Each student will get an evidence cd, a curricular material cd, and access
to the online sharepoint sight for the entire summer.

At this point we can announce that the following people will be working as
Matt Stannard-Director of Debate University of Wyoming
Stephen Davis-Debate Coach Bard College
Andy Ellis- Towson University
Beth Skinner- Towson University
Shawntia Diggs- Towson University
Daryl Burch- BUDL

We are looking for new staff members and for other coaches who would like to
work at the cooperative with their teams.

In addition to preparing you for the season the work we do will also give us
the materials we need to start the season for all of the debaters who
participate in our local league so you can combine your work for the season
with work to build local sustainable debate communities in urban areas.

Stay tuned for more details and contact me soon to reserve your spot for you
and your students...
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