[eDebate] My one and only post...

Tiffany Y Dillard tiffany.dillard
Mon Apr 14 12:30:50 CDT 2008

Some of you may know me as an individual, some may know me as the judge
that flipped the coin on the Copeland winners at the 2004 NDT, some may
know me as one of the Louisville judges, and some may not know me at
all.  Nevertheless, this post is not about me at all.  It is in fact
about a man that many of you think you know but have no idea, Dr.
Warner.  I have sat back in pain observing the various edebate
discussions that have occurred over the past couple of weeks.  I say in
pain because I have watched my friend engage a group of individuals who
cannot hear him.  I sit on the outside looking in and can?t help but
feel like he is in a sound proof box yelling I surrender and people
can?t hear him.  A lot of you have very twisted misconceptions about
who he is.  Contrary to popular belief he is not the demon driving the
?Louisville Train? or the wicked puppet master that some of you
believe he is.  Over the past eight years I have watched as members of
the Louisville squad, including myself, have given up all hope on this
community.  However, the man this community loves to hate has time and
time again defended this community.  He has convinced his debaters to
walk into debates and apologize for the tense atmosphere that we have
contributed to in this community.  He has lost several debaters because
they wanted to continue to yell and call the people in this community
racist and he again defended you.  Even when his debaters have come home
from tournaments emotionally destroyed, he has persuaded them to give
you another chance.   Over these past couple of weeks he has criticized
some (which wasn?t done to ?standard?) and he has apologized (which also
wasn?t up to par), yet he still chooses to engage.  The reason I am
writing this is to let you know that he doesn?t choose to engage because
it?s fun, because he?s a debater, because he?s crazy, because he knows
he?s right and you?re wrong or any other reason you may think of.  He
chooses to engage because he cares.  He is trying to add to the good of
this community not the bad.  If you all would stop line by lining his
posts, stop responding to the flow, and hear his big picture point then
maybe we can move forward in a positive direction as ONE community and
not as individual subgroups sharing a space.  Don?t go and try to find
Ede Warner posts to refute this because everyone has said something that
they have had to reflect on and evolve from.  Don?t try to get in a big
debate discussion with me about this because it won?t happen.  I just
wanted to give you all some insight to who my friend is and who you
think you have known but have no idea. 

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