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Tue Apr 15 00:23:11 CDT 2008

POST 1: by XY Debater


 "I held my tongue long after I lost my temper and I did so largely because
of the google-related issues that Kacey and Brett Wallace raised ? and the
one that Brett raised specifically impacts my employment. To be crystal
clear: if you say my name in a way that is google-able, you are putting my
life in jeopardy. I, in a bare-life, biological sense need my job and can't
find a new one (more on that below) ? if you need additional clarification,
e-mail me directly. ?."

POST 2: by XY Debater

"PPPPPS ? I promised RW I would further out my own identity ?

without naming myself in plain text ? which, to reiterate, because

of Google and my job, literally puts my life in jeopardy. If you

really need to know who I am check out:


POST 3: by You.

In your your post entitled "Going Home, (
http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2008-April/074790.html), you
managed to connect the handle of "XY Debater" to a name in a manner that is
googleable/searchable in the first paragraph (I'm not going to copy and
paste it, to prove the point, for obvious reasons)

That is?

Before your post, If an employer "googled" this person's name, it wouldn't
be connected to "XY Debater"....

If an employer "googled" this person's name NOW, it WOULD be connected to
that edebate handle...

If an employer "googles" this person's name, connects it to some of the
writings on edebate, (which kinds of sounds like a discussion from...a few
weeks ago....), it could LITERALLY "put this person's life in jeopardy"
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