[eDebate] Community and Congratulations

Joshua A. Kernoff Joshua.A.Kernoff
Tue Apr 15 22:49:09 CDT 2008

I think that the recent discussions people have been having on edebate are very important ones, and should continue in the future.

However I agree with Jonah that it is important for us as a community to come together as much as possible, and make sure that while all of these debates are had, we take the time to recognize the positive accomplishments that have been made in the debate community.

This in no way suggests debate can't be improved, and that we shouldn't continue discussing it... however sometimes there are some pretty amazing, outstanding really, accomplishments that ought to be recognized by the community.

Of course, the accomplishments I am referring to, are the recent unprecendented victories achieved by members of the debate community.

Specifically, the recent (1.5 hours ago) victory of DFU (Dartmouth Forensics Union) Hockey.

What started 3 years ago as a bunch of debaters who couldn't skate and lost eveyr game they ever played by a margin of 5 or greater (excpet one time we recruited some canadian ringers and won.... but no DFU people scored goals that game... or really did anything)..... has now evolved into a group of debaters who can kind of skate a little better than we used to.

Tonight, DFU Hockey made history.  DFU Hockey won its SECOND consecutive victory in Dartmouth's Co-Ed Intramural Hockey Leage (the beginner division).  Based on a technicality, we wil now make PLAYOFFS (eveyr team except us and the two teams we played has a "forfiet" that disqualifies them because they didn't have enough females on their teams to have a full team).

Some highlights include first-time goals by Kathryn Clark and Cyrus Akrami (a particualrly ept accomplishemt for cyrus who still can't skate).  High scoring has also been accomplished by rookie David Mainiero.  Jaimie berk has set a goaltending record with a GAA of 3.5 in our last two games, despite overcoming what he described as a "renegade strap" on his pads.

It's true we have recruited some non-debaters to help us out, but recruiting dartmouth's physics grad students hardly counts as unfairly pulling in unexpected hockey stars.

Anyway, I just think its important that this historic (it really is quite unprecedented - I'm not exagerating when I say prior to these two games, we lose on average with scores such as 15-1, 13-2, etc etc) victory was shared with the debate community, as we handily defeated the teams MC^2 (score of 11-3) and the Dartmouth Equestrian Team (score of 10-4).

For more details and DFU Hockey history, tune into  the Dfu Hockey blog at http://dfu-hockey.blogspot.com/ maintained by DFU Hockey Coach and longtime fan Charles Olney.

In case anyone is still reading or is interested, we have our final game of the regular season next tuesday, and very likely based on some technicalities, a playoff game next thursday.  We could really use some extra players, so anyone with hockey experience is welcome to fly into hanover and join our squad on tuesday or thursday!

(These hockey victories are dedicated to Slusher - whos words of wisdom hepled motivate us to victory: "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat")

(Also it is anti-dedicated to John Turner....  whose negative attitude bogged us down for so long... so there!)

Most importantly: To any debate team who thinks they can defeat DFU Hockey at IM hockey - IM rules..... BRING IT ON (unless if you actually played hockey in high school).

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