[eDebate] Reparations = Bad Neg ground?

nicholas brady nicholas.brady89
Thu Apr 17 01:14:17 CDT 2008

The complaint stated before i think is the complaint that can be said of ANY
topic. For instance in high school for the last two years we debated civil
liberties good and national service good.... even though there is horrible
generic ground for why national service is bad, mostly you go against
affirmatives like "lets help the poor" and for the civil liberties topic we
went against affirmatives like "we should stop torture". So is the neg
ground "povery good" or "torture good"? Well for some douchebags yes, but
for the vast amount of the community the answer is no. I am no expert on
this topic so i will allow more qualified people like Andy and others to
answer this question more specifically, but I think its wrong to reject this
topic simply because the ground ur defining for the negative has to be
"racism good". I don't know what affirmatives u listen to, but mostly
affirmatives try to solve for some harm that is wrong... something like
"death bad", "war bad", "nuclear war bad", "extinction bad", "racism bad",
"sexism bad", etc, etc, etc. This is not unique to a reparations topic, so
lets not dillute this topic down to "racism bad" v. "racism good". To me,
your argument seems very much like a cop out and a refusal to think deeply
about the topic.
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