[eDebate] Resolution Writing: Limits or Flexibility?

nicholas brady nicholas.brady89
Thu Apr 17 16:09:44 CDT 2008

I am a young'un in this game and very much confused. When i debate
topicality it seems limits is held to an almost god-like standard for
evaluating the resolution. Straying even a little bit from the topic seems
to warrant a slap on the wrist in the form of a loss when topicality is
brought up. I want to know wat is the community's thoughts on this? Is
affirmative flexibility or limiting affirmative more important when writing
a resolution?

Also... I implore those who vote against topics like reparations (which to
some allow for little affirmative flexibility) to say why they think limits
is bad
and if the will of the community is to allow more affirmative flexibility
can we please be courageous enough to admit this outloud so that we may move
past this competing interpretations, rush-to-the-best-limits topicality

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