[eDebate] TOC caselist wiki

Aimi Hamraie chauncie19
Fri Apr 18 21:51:49 CDT 2008

The TOC caselist wiki is now up. We hope that this year's wiki will improve the quality of debates and overall intelligence sharing at the tournament. This will be the first year that round-by-round intel will be available and we hope that everyone going will contribute to the tournament-wide effort to post cites. We especially encourage you to participate if you are bringing scouts to the tournament.

To become a member of the wiki, go to http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/ and either sign up for a wikispaces account or request to become a member. We'll be checking it daily to add people.

Then, you will be allowed to make additions to pages. Add as much as you want, do not delete anything (we will know if you do), and remember, you will get as much as you are willing to give.

Happy TOC prep-

Brian Manuel and Aimi Hamraie
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