[eDebate] Appeal to change 50 per cent win loss requirement at the ndt

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Apr 21 10:10:57 CDT 2008


I wanted to briefly raise an issue that was discussed but not acted upon in
fullerton. I think that the 50 per cent win loss requirement for a
second round to the NDT
should be lowered or abandoned all together.

Towson CL was one ballot above the mark to get out at districts this year.
CL fell 1 win below five hundred at wga (i bet if those southerners hadnt
cancelled rd 8 they would have been 4-4), they where 4-4 at harvard wake,
and texas. They fell 2 further below at Navy and will absolutly not attend
any local or regional tournaments if the rule doesnt change. They would not
have been able to apply for a second round. However their performance at the
NDT 5-3 clearing is clear evidence that viable teams could in fact have been
screened out of the ndt by the arbitrary 50 per cent rule.

I don't know if the solution is lowering it to 40 per cent or scrapping it
all together but that rule effects all sorts of travel decisons and one or
two less ballots and a team that barely made it out of a tough
district (for towson args at least)
would have been excluded.

the committee should be able to have more leeway to look at certain
teams and decide wheter they belong at the ndt, if the process works
now then lowering the requirement simply gives more choice to the
committee and gives coaches a little more power to make travel
decisions that balance a variety of demands.

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