[eDebate] (Travel Costs Just Went WAY Up)

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Mon Apr 21 16:32:26 CDT 2008

Josh's post is likely tongue-in-cheek.  

That said, bag requirements aren't so much the issue
(tech will likely solve this via printers, jump
drives, and cheap dummy terminals, annoying as this
might be.)  

The real issue is that Delta and Northwest are merging
(because of some of the same economics that drive the
bag requirements.)

That's likely going to set off another wave of
mergers.  Lots and lots of mergers.

Industry consolidation is really, really bad - like
actually bad bad bad - for anyone who relies on
frequent and cheap domestic flights.  This means you. 

Any anticipated benefits to consumers will really only
accrue to international travelers.

Here's a quick version:


Debate Illuminati take note - this is actually going
to be a real deal problem for any programs that
struggle at the brink of financial viability.  Some
components of your activity's current travel
requirements rely on financial assumptions from the
80s and 90s....so...

This might be as important a topic of conversation as
"these topics have many words that make me so sleepy."

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