[eDebate] Cormack on the Ag Topic

Dylan Quigley dylan.quigley
Tue Apr 22 23:44:28 CDT 2008

Forwarded on from Cormack:

I agree with most of what Dylan said and think that Ag would be a really
great topic.  I encourage everyone to read the paper - it is very well done.

I have a few things to add.

1. Europe Topic - I saw this objection raised over on the ceda topic
website.  I don't think it is a reason to not to ag, I think it is the
opposite - a reason for ag.
a) Very very few debates will have debated the Europe and those that had
probably have done their best to erase the topic from their memory.
Actually, I loved the Europe topic - I still don't think anyone understands
our GMO's aff.
b) Ag was largely unexplored.  Mainly because of the ridiculous nature of
the topic nothing was really explored deeply.  The exception was TNW's.
People were falling all over themselves to read that aff.  I wouldn't have
been surprised if some people had TNW's plan-plan as their fallback neg for
c) This failure to explore ag was a mistake.  Why did people mostly ignore
ag?  I have no idea.  If people did it because a lack of good interesting
arguments then it was merely their perception and not reality.  The debates
that I did have on the farm bill were really cool.  Solvency advocates were
top notch, DA links were very solid and CPs were endless.  And for those who
love nuc war there was plenty to go around.  CSUF ag aff was an example of
an aff that was really cool. If I remember correctly they might have even
had and advocated the plan (and it was T).

2) Russia
a) Russia would be a fine topic.  I have no serious problems with it and
think if you want to know what would happen you can pretty much take a look
at China and the ME.  Pretty safe and predictable.
b) Ag would be better if for no other reason than that it is different.
Sure Russia might be great, same with ag.  Why not go with a topic that
would provide fresh topics to debate?
c)  I think the advantage of rock solid uniqueness is an advantage for ag.
I am sure that there will be plenty of random things that we do with Russia
that a staff writer will call coop and they will be translated into a 1AC
contention.  Maybe some people enjoy big generic uq debates but I can't say
that I miss cutting "pressure updates".  I think these debates define

Again I encourage everyone to read the ag topic paper.  I would like to
object to the claim that there is an Iowa economy DA.
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