[eDebate] supporters of russia and y no talk about health care

M G malgorthewarrior
Wed Apr 23 10:32:10 CDT 2008

your arguments are about as clutch as anything Dirk Nowitzki has done....ever.  Luckily for you GTA IV doesn't come out for 6 days, so I might take some time to point out your dumbassery.  maybe...really the point of the post was to jab at Dirk Nowitzki for being just like Larry Bird....only he can't play defense, win big games, or anything else of value.  countdown to Hoe response in defense of crappy mavs in 3...2....

But on a serious  note, i've read the russia post and am preparing a response in support of the health care topic.  much hilarity to come.

furever ure freynd


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