[eDebate] No Russia Please! How about a fresh new topic?

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
Wed Apr 23 12:16:00 CDT 2008

Is anyone else tired of discussing Russia? I know there has been good discussion as to why this is a good year to debate Russia, but I am so tired of this and the fact that it is a military topic to boot only amplifies my dislike of the topic choice. I believe this is the classic resolution that will lock an affirmative into discussing abstract policies that do not reach a personal level which I believe is one of the reasons people choose to not read a topical affirmative. Perhaps a team or teams will be creative and can broach this issue, but I for one would rather have a topic with more choice so that teams wanting to read a military aff can read one, and teams that don't do not have to. I also think this is yet another topic that will only encourage people to not debate the topic as well. I believe we have a good opportunity to craft a more inclusive resolution (for argumentative purposes) in our community and I feel strongly that this is not the one to do that.

The folks who worked on this topic did very good work, having had just 4 days to write a topic paper, I know how hard it is to accomplish. So please don't read
this as a personal indictment, but rather a plea for a topic that happens to give greater affirmative flexibility (not just military) and one that reaches to a fresh main subject area for exploration and study.

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