[eDebate] Fwd: Russel Doesn't Get it

Dylan Quigley dylan.quigley
Thu Apr 24 10:25:40 CDT 2008

Cormack says:


Thanks for giving us a preview of the wonderful debates that we will get to
have on the Russia topic.  Aff reads card that says "Bush offering co-op
now".  Neg flips shit and  reads 5 cards saying that "it's just rhetoric",
"it's just a framework", "we have better analysis".

No one ever made the argument that Russia and the US *were* going to enter a
new era of cooperation based on one card from Forbes.  The argument was that
because cards like this exist negatives will be forced to deal with them in
every round.  I have previously said these cards would come from things
that  "a staff writer will call coop" (
http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2008-April/074947.html) and that
"this isn't a crippling problem but we all seem to be in agreement
that it is annoying" (

These debates are annoying (and not just because Jason is involved) and
stupid (same).  If you honestly think that the point of this discussion is
to have an evidence throw-down about the UQ of US-Russia coop than you have
really missed the point.  If it makes you feel better I will spot you this
UQ debate.  Congrats.  Now did anyone enjoy that?  No.

I think this should be all for me on this.  Russell is doing a pretty good
job of making the Russia topic (or maybe just himself) look ridiculous so I
won't hold him back.

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