[eDebate] From Bricker - On Global Uniqueness-Reply

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Apr 24 12:42:40 CDT 2008

Two quick points:

If the Aff has had such a huge bias, then why has the aff win percentages sunk
below 50%?

Which topics get away from the uniqueness issues you raise? Contrary to people's
perceptions on edebate, there are at least six topic areas on the table:
Reparations, Labor, Agriculture, Genetic Engineering, Education, Latin America
and Russia. Which of these would provide the affirmatvie with significant
ground while providing negatives with substantial general negative ground?
Obviously, I think genetic engineering fills the bill, but I'd like to know
what topics would meet this "global uniqueness" issue.

Scott Elliott

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