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>From Jay-Z.

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 I don't have posting rights online, but since you used my name, here is my
response (post if you desire):

1.  I would never debate with Cormack.  He is a sweet guy, but floppy hair
scares me.  I'll go to war with Bricker any day, however....or even that
miniature Amish dude (Quigley?).

2.  WTF are Cormack and Bricker doing cutting cards?  Cormack is like 40
years old and headed to law school.  Quite sad.

3.  The fact that KU debaters are even engaged in a substantive argument
with an Okie is disheartening.  The fact that they might be losing the
argument is just depressing.

4.  Russia strikes me as a unremarkable topic, but not for any of the
reasons I have read so far.  I always found the Russia literature just plain
unpleasant to read and accidental war is still a damn near impossible
argument to have any fun with (there are no cards that say "accident could
never happen" or "accidental war good").  However, why would KU debaters be
advocating an agriculture topic, as that topic plays right into the hands of
or misbegotten rivals in Manhattan.  Cow judging is on KSU's frickin'
highway sign, right next to debate--to allow these specialties to merge is
to risk KSU hegemony over our world.

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