[eDebate] Ag vs Russia

Michael Burshteyn burshteyn
Thu Apr 24 18:08:18 CDT 2008

Either of these topics would allow serious discussion capturing some  
of the benefits of each of the other one:

A senior Russian official lambasted Friday the position of the  
European Union and the United States on subsidies for farmers, saying  
that it meant they could set prices for theiragricultural produce as  
they wished.
Sergei Dankvert, the head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and  
Phytosanitary Oversight, waded into the global debate on the  
contentious issue of financial support for farmers after making a trip  
to Argentina to cement progress in talks on Russia'saccession to the  
World Trade Organization. He told journalists that agricultural  
produce exported by the EU and U.S. was subsidized to such an extent  
that by the time it reached the Russian market it did not reflect its  
real value.
"For example, if the U.S. wanted the price of meat to be $1, it could  
set it at this level. If they wanted it to be 50 cents, they could do  
it as well," Dankvert said. "This is equally true of the European  

So, in deciding to support Agriculture, it is not necessary to  
jettison the Russian relations or politics  ground as an option. Also,  
EU CP could be possible ground for both topics, as I'm sure already  
has been delved into in much more detail.

If the question of "why not debate Russia" was removed, then perhaps  
the topics could be compared as domestic vs foreign, and all the  
questions regarding topic limits and known core ground on a large  
foreign policy topic come into play.

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