[eDebate] Blast from the past...Russia/Latin America

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Fri Apr 25 16:35:00 CDT 2008

Below is my very first debate card...no really.  I have no idea what possessed me to hold on to it, but with Latin America and Russia being discussed, it popped into my head and I went back to find it (scan/picture copy on facebook sometime...)...wow...here it is...from the fall of 1987...(as it was cited and hi-lited---on a NOTE CARD and with no tag!)...go Reagan!    Cannon, Lou. (1987, Sept. 13). Reagan Says Contras to be Sustained. Washington Post A34
       In his radio speech, the president castigated the Sandinistas and their Soviet supporters.
     "Many Americans have learned over the last few months what has really been happening in Nicaragua, how a democratic revolution was betrayed, how a tiny elite has been creating a totalitarian Marxist-Leninist dictatorship to satisfy their own personal lust for power and to give the Soviet Union a beachhead on the mainland of this continent, only 2,000 miles from the Texas border ? a clear national security threat," Reagan said.


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