[eDebate] Clarification

Tom Meagher meagher.tom
Fri Apr 25 16:42:31 CDT 2008

Since I've received a lot of backchannels on these two points already:

1. The coaches who told me not to pursue Ethnic Studies are both, as far as
I know, long out of the activity by now. Do not use my experience as a
reason to impugn the program I was briefly with. I was more concerned that
they were both individuals whose line of thinking had been heavily
influenced by their debate experiences.

2. There is a very substantial difference between postcolonial studies and
decolonial studies. I don't mean to underestimate the amount of exciting
scholarship on racism that debaters have used and accessed; I am making a
point about the scope of research that has been conducted. Under the rubric
of postcolonial studies, we can include race-centered studies emerging from
poli sci, law, etc., although there are further distinctions to be made
within such an expanded rubric.
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