[eDebate] WTF is a Meagher?

Jay Hawk ostertaglives
Mon Apr 28 13:24:42 CDT 2008

I am not on the KU team or coaching staff, but found the Meager critique of KU's arguments bothersome.

Let get me this straight.  A high school debater watched the CEDA finals online and decides he will critique the final round in order to improve the quality of research in college debate. Okay.

Fascinating.  Has the the goal of openness so blinded the community that they are compelled to engage such drivel.   No academic thinks their work is being accurately represented when ti is reduced to cards and then used as a debate argument.  And while the discussion interesting with the people who actually do the work, it is inane and pointless when it involves folks who fancy themselves experts on the work of other people.

The tone and content of the post stinks of the typical early 20-something kid who thinks he could have been a national champion debater if only he hadn't been forced out of the activity by mean coaches and a desire to do something meaningful with his life.  Like Jesus, he merely seeks to offer some helpful guidance to those in the activity who do not have the benefit of his immense insight.

Mr. Meager, you are not qualified to be in the final round of a national tournament, let alone judge such a debate.  I know that judging qualifications is old-school and hierarchical., but could care less.  

While you may owed the KU team an apology, whether such an apology was ever provided is ultimately of no more consequence than whether or not my 6 year old apologized to KU because he laughed at the way they looked when he saw the online footage.  Both his laughter and your deep thoughts are the stuff of unqualified outsiders who are in no position to evaluate the strategic and argumentative decisions made by successful college debaters and their coaches.

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