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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 30 12:53:28 CDT 2008

Hello, I have the web site for the Baltimore Coop up and running.

www.baltimorecollegedebate.org should take you directly to the coop
but if that doesnt work then try www.baltimorecollegedebate.org/bcdc/

Here is a brief summary.

We will have a two week workshop for policy debaters and coaches at towson
university july 20-august 2nd.
40 spaces in the Dorms are available
More commuter spaces are available.

The Cost For Resident Students is $500 and for Commuters it is $250, this
includes all instruction materials resources and debates and dorm space for
residents. It does not cover food, field trips, or linens.

We are now accepting applications on the web site.

We will also offer an online coop which gives you access to all material
produced at the camp and online, and gives you access to a collaborative
Microsoft Sharepoint workspace.
Its $150 for an individual
$500 for a team.

If you wonder why its that expensive ask me,

Our Staff currently includes Matt Stannard Beth Skinner Shawntia Dggs
Stephen Davis Daryl Burch and myself.. I am working on a few exciting staff
additions and will anounce them here and on the website.

We also will focus on a diversity of arguments, it wont just be towson
style, if you like the topic and disads, or performance, or criticism, or
whatever we will be covering it, its our belief that an open debate is key
to a good debate and will encourage those with different perspectives on
debate to work on what they like but also to work together and learn

We welcome debaters and coaches of all experience levels (including never
debated before novices or brand new coaches) to join us in baltimore.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Andy Ellis
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