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Judges needed in Los AngelesIn a previous e-mail, the National Forensic League announced the Colleges and Universities of Excellence Scholarship Program. Many schools showed an interest in the program and have offered generous scholarships for NFL students to attend their school and join their program using their resources in financial aid, admissions departments, etc. I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn about this program as it will give you great rewards in the area of promotion and recruitment. This program is designed to provide as many higher education scholarships possible to NFL students. Scholarships may be given 1) by an admissions department or academic discipline or 2) by a communications/forensic department to join a college speech and/or debate team. All contracts must be signed and delivered to the NFL National Office by May 1, 2008.


The institutional partnership benefits are listed below:

?      Each college and university in the program would receive an Excel spreadsheet with the names of students that have actively joined the Colleges and Universities of Excellence program, including ways to contact them, GPA/ACT/SAT scores, academic interests, events they have competed in during their high school forensics career, and graduation year. 

?      The NFL will  provide each participating institution with a recruitment booth at the 2008 and 2009 NFL College Fairs, which are held in June each year at the NFL National Tournament. Each both will have access to over 4,000 coaches and students. 

?      The NFL will create posters , mailers , and brochures which advertise the participating institutions. These advertisements will be distributed to over 3,000 high schools and  viewed by 93,000 NFL students throughout the school year.

?      The NFL will feature the program in every issue of its monthly magazine, Rostrum and its  semi annual alumni publication,  Alumni Connection. Additionally, in one issue in the fall and one issue in the spring, every participating institution will receive one, free full page advertisement highlighting your specific institution. 

For 83 years, the NFL has been a leading honor society for some of the most talented high school students in the nation. We encourage you to seek out these high achieving students through this program and award them with a scholarship to attend your fine institution. The NFL currently has 30,000 seniors in its membership and we want to make sure they attend your schools that have phenomenal forensic programs. 

For more information on how to join the Colleges and Universities of Excellence Scholarship program, contact the NFL National Office Program Coordinator, Tyler Billman, at tyler at nflonline.org.


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