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The solution?

Remove Phil  Kerpen from control of debate. Too many people are too
unhappy with the way  this list serve has been run. Also, a lot of
people have told me that  certain posts (like the topless photo) seem
to magically disappear, while  others do not.

Who wants to control edebate and fix the current  problem?

Forgive me for de-cloaking:
WTF is wrong with you? Kerpen has maintained this list about as fairly and  
efficiently as it ever could have been.  Yeah, stupid stuff gets  posted on 
edebate. Anyone that makes a hiring decision based off a an internet  list 
probably isn't worth working for.
I just bet Tuna has removed a lot of posts from CEDA-L.... 
The ability to peek in on my old friends and see what's happening has been  
one of the great pleasures in my post-debate life. Thanks, Phil, for all  the 
time and effort you've put into being fair and open. There's a new  
transparency in debate and I believe we owe our gratitude to Mr. Kerpin.
If you have a PayPal account, translate your gratitude into actual support  
by sending a donation to Phil to help defray his continued efforts on eDebate.  
I'm going to go do that right now.
Congrats to all the recent NDT participants, including my old Okie buddies.  
Way to go!
Louisville, KY

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