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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Wed Apr 2 20:40:12 CDT 2008

I think Phil has been awesome with edebate.
As far as I am concerned, he should keep it as long as he wants it and when he is ready to step aside, whoever replaces him should continue doing it Phil's way.  I was here at the beginning, from the day Jamey Dumas started the Ceda-L and through Tuna's transition to E-debate.  I think all 3 of these gentlemen have taken care of this forum as well as could have been hoped for.
Also, I believe I win as the person who has taken the most heat year-in and year-out on these forums.  Actually, it isn't close.  That is not entirely undeserved:  I mix it up and I give as good as I get.  The exchanges with Sanchez and Assjack are about as bitter as anything on the net.  While I am proud of the courage I showed in standing up to them while most folks here said nothing...
When I google myself, I always blush when these especially nasty exchanges come up.  
My answers to the scurrilous attacks don't show up along with the posts where some clown calls me a fascist or racist or "truth criminal" or whatever:  I know most folks who come across these posts aren't going to take the extra effort to look for my responses.  
Too, the contexts in which those exchanges occurred are long gone:  even I have to remind myself of the passions and issues and mood of the moments in time in which I wrote those things and in which others wrote them about me.   People who weren't there have little chance of understanding the whole picture.
And, you know, no one will read the hundreds of absolutely, stunningly brilliant posts from me about war, love, peace, reason, and debate when there are those 2 juicy posts where I call Parcher a hairy dwarven anteater.  This mirror amplifies the zits and warts so much that it might be hard for some to see just how handsome I am...
I would like to propose the following for Phil's consideration:
1) the archive will remove any post after 1 month if the author requests that it be deleted from the archive.
2) the archive will remove any post that contains a person's name if that person requests it.
3) the archive will request that any mirroring archive delete that post as well.
This is potentially a lot of work.  I wouldn't do it if I was Phil.  Is there some way to make this a communal effort?  For example, if this policy was done, I would volunteer for 6 months as Phil's assistant to handle people's requests.  I would use this service to get rid of... i dunno... maybe 10 posts:  it seems fair to me that I should, in exchange, contribute time to help others delete their posts.
Is something like this acceptable to you Phil?    Other folks?
Michael Korcok
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