[eDebate] Official request for Kerpen to remove the three posts where Stroube called me a Nazi. I think they might hurt my reputation in the pro-Israel community.

Omri Ceren ceren
Thu Apr 3 00:12:22 CDT 2008

And if you think law firms are obsessed with reputation, may I suggest 
that activists and lobbyists are also not insensitive to reputation?

 From what I can tell edebate is powered by GNU Mailman 2.1. The archive 
backend is managed through Pipermail. The thing about Pipermail is that 
it sucks. It's clunky and slow and in need of a total rewrite. But still 
- it shouldn't take Kerp more than 30 minutes to track down the emails, 
nuke them, and then rebuild the archive.

That wouldn't fix how those emails still stored on the mirrored 
archives. And it certainly wouldn't do anything about the copies on the 
Google and Yahoo and Live caches. And he can't remove those because he's 
not the original author of the emails. So I have to disagree with 
Margaret about how "this is easy to fix."

No one is even sure if a listowner *can* get Google to remove someone 
else's emails from a listserv cache. Companies like Google are 
notoriously bad about responding to user complaints. You can get away 
with that when you run a platform that people get to use for free. 
Because honestly - what kind of person has the surreal sense of 
entitlement that it would take to aggressively attack someone else who 
provides them with years and years of a free service.

On that note - I haven't seen a particular rush to hit Kerp's tip jar 
lately. Server space and bandwidth cost money that come out of Kerpen's 
pocket, after all. To say nothing of the time and energy that it takes 
to do grunt work like cleaning out spam filters, getting in touch with 
the hosting company when the server hiccups, etc. Instead of tips, 
though, he gets personal attacks.  And so I also have to disagree with 
Brent that "no one disputes" that Kerpen deserves thanks for literally 
years and years of totally voluntary contributions to the community.



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